Private Genetic Counselling

PGT Result Review (detailed)

A detailed review of your PGT results, including any embryos of interest (e.g. mosaic embryos). We will review the basics of PGT, limitations of testing that are applicable to your results, types of PGT results, discuss your embryos in detail including chance of pregnancy and specific risks, and talk about genetic testing in pregnancy after embryo transfer. If you have a mosaic or "abnormal" embryo that you are considering for transfer this appointment is right for you.

Diagnostic Fertility Genetics Consultation

If your doctor believes that genetics are contributing to your fertility concerns we will work with you and your doctor to help determine which genetic test(s) are best for you. DNAide Genetic Counsellors cannot order the genetic testing. A doctor's referral is required for us to facilitate this request.

Before You Discard Consultation

If you have "abnormal" embryos in storage and want more information about them before making the decision to discard, this is the appointment type for you. We will provide a high level overview of different types of "abnormal" embryos and how accurate results are. If during this appointment any embryos of interest are identified that you would consider for transfer a follow up appointment can be booked to discuss them in more detail.

Preconception Consultation

A thorough genetic counselling appointment for anyone planning to grow their family. We’ll review relevant family history information and discuss any risks that are identified. We’ll talk about genetic tests available prior to, and during pregnancy. If you’ve been struggling to conceive, or experienced pregnancy loss we can review any genetic tests ordered or recommended by your doctor.

Donor Selection Consultation

Learn what you need to know when it comes to genetics and selecting your egg/sperm/embryo donor. We’ll review any relevant family history information, review the genetic screening donors undergo, and discuss any genetic testing available to help select a donor.

Discovery call (free!)

Not sure if a full genetic counselling session is right for you? Schedule a free 15 minute call to meet with us and learn more about how we can help.