DNAide helps providers of reproductive medicine provide quality genetic services to their patients.
We understand that your needs are unique. Whatever level of support you and your patients are looking for, DNAide can help.
Fertility Clinics

You're feeling overwhelmed by patient questions about PGT, carrier screening, karyotypes, and the increasing number of genetic tests available. Partner with DNAide to provide your patients with the information they need that testing labs can't provide, and give yourself the space to focus on what matters most to you.

  • Genetic counselling for patients

  • Gamete donor genetic screening compliant with local regulations

  • Customized patient educational materials

  • PGT-M facilitation between your clinic and PGT lab of choice

  • Consulting

  • Staff education and training

Patient pay and Institutional billing options available

Gamete Donor Banks/Agencies

Adhering to Federal regulations for genetic screening of gamete donors is crucial. DNAide has experience building genetic screening programs that exceed Federal requirements so that donors, recipients, and donor conceived people receive the best care possible.

  • Conduct genetic screening of gamete donors compliant with Federal regulations

  • Genetic counselling for gamete donors including informed consent for genetic tests and genetic counselling to explain results

  • Guidance for intended parents on genetic screening options when working with a gamete donor

  • Thorough report summaries for recipients to ensure donor conceived people have access to detailed crucial information about their donor


Preconception and prenatal genetic testing options are expanding. If you are looking to provide your patients with access to up to date genetic testing, working with DNAide can ensure your patients are informed and receive quality care.

  • Staff education and training

  • Patient genetic counselling

  • Consulting

Other Providers of Reproductive Medicine

No matter what your practice or level of expertise, DNAide works with all providers of reproductive medicine. Contact us to see how we can meet your needs.