Meet Meaghan

Meaghan Doyle, Founder, DNAide

Meaghan Doyle, MS, CGC is a Certified Genetic Counselor with expertise in fertility, preimplantation genetic testing (PGT/PGS), assisted reproductive technologies, and preconception genetics. Sensitive and caring, she always knew she wanted to work to help people. She fell in love with genetics during her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. To prepare for graduate school she worked with Sunnybrook's Cancer Genetics Program as a Genetics Assistant, helping people understand their risk of developing breast cancer. She studied genetic counselling at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania. Her thesis, titled "The Mannogram",explored what it was like for men at a high risk of breast cancer to get mammograms.

While in Philadelphia, Meaghan had a clinical rotation at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Center for Fetal Therapy where she helped support families who had recently learned that their babies had severe birth differences. Supporting growing families in times of severe stress and need was ultimately what would inspire Meaghan to work towards a career in fertility genetics.

After returning to Toronto, Canada, Meaghan worked at The Hospital for Sick Children in their Genome Clinic, using whole genome sequencing to help find rare genetic diagnoses for children. She then found her passion for fertility genetics, working for Markham Fertility Centre as their in-house genetic counsellor. Noticing how few genetic counsellors specialized in fertility, she started providing information on Instagram. Soon after, DNAide was born.

Meaghan has expertise in preimplantation genetic testing, and mosaicism and aneuploidy in embryos. She has a special interest in the genetic causes of infertility. She is passionate about helping fertility patients by providing them with accurate, evidence-based information about their embryos, and ensuring that they are fully supported to make decisions that will be best for them and their families.


  • Honours Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto, 2013

  • Master of Science in Genetic Counseling with Distinction, Arcadia University, 2017

  • Certified Genetic Counselor, American Board of Genetic Counseling, 2022

  • Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor, California Department of Public Health, 2022